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Colorado State in Aluminum and Wood with Rocky Mountain High by John Denver
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Glacier National Park With John Muir Quote
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Grand Canyon National Park with William Wendell Riley Quote
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Idaho State in Aluminum and Wood with Idaho by The Four Seasons
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Montana State in Aluminum and Wood with John Steinbeck Montana Love quote
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When I close my eyes I still see us on that mountain trail in....Brown Version
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When I close my eyes I still see us on that mountain trail in.... Red Version
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When I close my eyes I still see you and me and the lake in...
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When I close my eyes I still see you on that mountain slope in...
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Wyoming State in Aluminum and Wood with the Song of Wyoming by John Denver
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Yellowstone National Park with Susan Rugh Quote
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Yosemite National Park with Ansel Adams Quote

The designs are vintage and the verbiage is original!

Here at Meissenburg Designs we welcome your personalizations. Make your wood or metal sign indigenous to your area or include a family or friend's name. Our new and improved pigments hold up to sunlight. Make any and each sign your own!

All other "similar" signs in the market-place are manufactured by copycats. Order from the original!

The History of Meissenburg Designs

Loyd and Laura have been in the sign business since the 1980s.  Their first signs were pub style signs.  These were screen-printed with an attached two dimensional resin casted piece (i.e. ducks, figures, wildlife, etc).  Resin signs (a cast sign, made to resemble wood) came next.  At the time, resin signs were touted as being able to "hold up" outside.  They may have endured in other climates, but they cracked in Montana.  After much tinkering, Loyd came up with fillers so the resin could expand and the first genuine outdoor casted sign was created.  The Meissenburgs employed a young local sculptor, Eric Thorsen (Thorsen Gallery) and manufactured these signs until the resin-casting business was transferred to Marc and Eric Pierce at Big Sky Carvers.


Conceptualizing yet another product, Loyd started creating the "wood slat-board" signs for Laura's gift shop, Electric Avenue Gifts.  By using printing machinery crudely retrofitted to paint on wood, Loyd began producing ski signs promoting the local ski hill, Big Mountain.  From his vast collection of ephemera, Loyd originated and introduced vintage-resort signs to a receptive market.  These signs were not fade-resistant and were a major manufacturing headache, but they sold like crazy.  Big Sky Carvers began selling this new type of sign and they were the sole distributor of Meissenburg Designs for many years.


When Big Sky Carvers changed hands, Loyd and Laura made the decision to sell the signs themselves.  New, updated equipment was finally available and allowed Meissenburg to make the signs fade-resistant. The line expanded rapidly to include tavern, western, water-skiing and many other previously unexplored categories.


With advances in technology, we were able to produce clearer images in a more efficient manner.  The team grew to 33 employees, including five talented designers.  The business continues to prosper in the most beautiful place on earth, Northwest Montana.  Our products are completely U.S.A. made!


Sign-Makers and Sellers - One and All!

Meissenburg Designs Staff

100% USA MADE ~ Always Will Be!


Meissenburgs Boating on Flathead River.
 Loyd and Laura, Boating on the Flathead River, Montana

 Product Line Introductions


- In January of 2008, Meissenburg Designs introduced a series of two dimensional signs known as "Loyd's Cut-Ups".


- In 2009, Big Sky Carvers and Meissenburg jointly designed a line of furniture sold exclusively through Big Sky Carvers/Demdaco.  New personalized frames were introduced at the 2009 gift shows.


- In 2010, retro vinyl pillows (indoor/outdoor) were presented and wonderfully received! Joel Anderson (Anderson Design Group) came onboard with his line of classic travel designs,  aptly titled, the Art & Soul of America.


- At the start of 2011, a new relationship between Marty Mummert (Mummert Studios) and the Meissenburgs began.  Marty's old-style hand-lettered signs have created a whole new dimension to what Meissenburg has to offer.


- Earlier this year, we introduced a new line of corrugated metal signs, which resemble nostalgic, hand-painted advertisements.  These new metal signs are fade-resistant and perfect for outdoor use.  In 2012, Meissenburg also partnered with contemporary wildlife artist, Shelle Lindholm.  Shelle's reproductions are featured on a new type of wall hanging termed, Boxed Metal Wall Art. 



Loyd and Laura are constantly challenging themselves, adding new ideas to their line and bringing innovative ideas to the gift, surf, liquor, automotive and furniture industry.  We truly appreciate your business and thanks for stopping by!   - Loyd & Laura